Contaminated Sites Remediation of large-scale contaminated sites such as soil, water and liquid waste treatment. Environmental cleaning and recycling of commercial waste sites including site testing, monitoring and control.

Asbestos in the Environment

Contamination in the environment such as asbestos fibres in soil and water can arise from site mismanagement or other historical factors. Controlling this kind of contamination is important to the health and safety of it's current and future occupants as well as the wider environment.

Cleaning, transporting and disposing of this kind of asbestos contamination is a highly challenging, requiring experienced operators and specialised equipment to carry out. Without the correct equipment and methodology, asbestos dust raised from disturbed soils will pose a serious risk to the persons undertaking the removal.


ANZ Enviro is fully licenced to carry out asbestos removal works on contaminated soils, water and waste. We have a solid track record of maintaining safe working practices and effective project delivery. We will always carry out works to the highest standards while ensuring our workers are protected.

We understand and respect and have experience working around sites with special value such as

  • Heritage listed sites;
  • Culturally significant sites and;
  • Sacred ground.

We will always restore a site to the best possible standards with respect to the surrounding environment, plant and equipment. You can see some of our projects listed below:

Gateway project at Perth International Airport

Soil remediation for Water Corporation Board Perth

Kwinana Freeway Widening Project

Remediation Advice

ANZ ENVIRO  thrive on projects from tender stage all the way through to handover and completion, we have a incredibly experienced team with a professional attitude towards a wide range of hazardous and deadly materials, this is what differentiates us from the rest this business.

If you believe your site is contaminated with asbestos material then please contact us today to arrange a site visit and quote. 


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