HVAC and Vent Cleaning Air hygiene through duct, heating and ventilation cleaning to reduce hazards from airborne contaminants such as dust and other harmful micro-organisms. Thermal insulation and fire proofing is also available.

What is HVAC & duct cleaning?

Over time the filters in HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) machines get dirty and no longer function as well as they once did. Similar to the way your home air conditioner filter requires occasional cleaning you must maintain and clean your  HVAC system.


Your HVAC’s function can be severely compromised if there is severe buildup of dirt and contaminates in the filter and duct work costing you extra money to run the machine and in the worst case scenario the machine may not be functioning properly.

ANZ Enviro can perform exhaustive testing on your HVAC system and determine exactly the state of your HVAC system and if necessary perform cleaning to restore its function.

Testing and maintenance advice

ANZ ENVIRO  thrive on projects from tender stage all the way through to handover and completion, we have a incredibly experienced team with a professional attitude towards a wide range of hazardous and deadly materials, this is what differentiates us from the rest this business.

If you believe your HVAC system requires DOP testing or cleaning then please contact us today to arrange a site visit or quote. We also hire out testing equipment to clients depending on what best suits the situation.


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