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Asbestos Removal: Is It Really Necessary?

Asbestos Removal: Is it really necessary?” – We believe this is a question that a lot of home owners and tradies ask themselves when undertaking renovations on a project. Is Asbestos removal really necessary for my Project? Sometimes the answer is no, there are other options to reduce the risks associated with an asbestos material and these risks must be managed as long as this product is not going to be disturbed during any works to be undertaken.

However, there are times when asbestos removal IS necessary. When is it necessary to remove asbestos? Well this changes on a job to job basis and the condition of the material and many other factors need to be considered when making this decision. However, many home owners and trades are making this decision themselves with very little to no knowledge or competency within this industry. The continuing rising number of home renovators/trades that are being diagnosed with asbestos related diseases tells us that many have not taken the correct steps when deciding to take on these projects. – Preventative action is easy –
1. Ask for a copy of a survey report…if the results are positive, simple DO NOT TOUCH THIS PRODUCT. Get a licensed Asbestos Removalist in to remove this BEFORE any works are undertaken like #ANZENVIRO.

2. If the client does not have an accredited document to prove whether this product contains asbestos or not…DO NOT TOUCH THIS PRODUCT. It is the PCBU’s responsibility to ensure that this is available for any trades. It is a simple, quick and cheap test that could save your life, your families lives and anyone that could be exposed during these works.

So, is asbestos removal really necessary? YES IT IS!


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