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Sponsoring the 2019 Seniors World Cup in Thailand

WA Masters Football has provided an update on the 2019 Seniors World Cup in Thailand of which ANZ Enviro was a supporter.

“The Seniors World Cup began 14 years ago, in the wake of the 2004 tsunami. The Senior Football Association of Thailand started the competition as a way of promoting tourism. ”

The WA Masters Football team represented Australia – narrowly missing out on the Seniors World Cup to Thailand in a dramatic penalty shootout! Meanwhile Australia took out the Master’s Cup beating Thailand 1-0. Well done to the players who faced sweltering heat and high humidity during the competition.

ANZ Enviro are happy to, once again, support sporting competitions and promote our values of fair play, equality, sportsmanship, and all that goes with that. Values shared by people both at home and abroad including those less fortunate.

The team travelled with a large collection of sporting equipment donated from families and supporters including:

– 100 Footballs,
– 200 Football Boots,
– 300 Football shirts/shorts and
– 1,000+ Aussie Souvenirs.

The WA Masters Football team are again seeking donations for the 2020 tournament. Email:



Head Office (Australia)

1/8 Iron Street, Malaga, WA 6090