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Almost 50 percent of Australians are suffering from a chronic disease

The results of the latest National Health Survey reveal that almost 50 percent of Australians are suffering from a chronic disease, according to ABC News.

Ben Harris, a health policy expert at Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute told 7:30, “That’s up from two in five just 10 years ago”.

A third of chronic disease is preventable but only 1.3 per cent of our health budget on preventing disease. Of course, exposure to silica minerals is one of the preventable causes. It increases our national disease burden and puts unnecessary pressure on medicare.

Australia may be ahead of some countries in banning the import and use of asbestos containing materials, however, many people are unaware that such materials are still widespread and continue to cause diseases such as asbestosis and asbestos related cancers. Health conditions such as silicosis, caused by exposure to other silica based minerals, have only recently entered the public discourse.


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