ANZ Enviro for National Asbestos Awareness Week

You may have seen our Environmental and Operations manager Shaun on local news program Today Tonight last night!

Shaun was featured on the program as an expert in Asbestos remediation and management and spoke to raise awareness of the hidden dangers of asbestos in home renovations.

The segment has been put together by the team at Today Tonight to raise the profile of this issue for National Asbestos Awareness week. It highlights the devastating effect of asbestos related diseases have had on workers and their families and the tragedy that young people are continuing to be exposed to this danger. A lack of knowledge about the dangers of asbestos in the home and the rising popularity of DIY renovations is leading to a third wave of asbestos related disease.

ANZ Enviro is a proud supporter of the Bernie Banton foundation. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos or have been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease they can offer help and support.



National Asbestos Awareness Week is 25–01 December 2018 and aims to raise awareness of asbestos, and where asbestos materials could be found within your work or home.

Watch the full feature video here.

Discussing the hidden dangers of asbestos in home renovations.

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