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Sponsoring the Perth Regional Conference for ALGA

ALGA Conference Perth 2019

ANZ Enviro are happy to be  sponsors of the upcoming Perth Regional Conference for ALGA coming up on 19th September 2019. This is ALGA’s first ever WA- focused contaminated land conference! Find us there to discuss options for contaminated land cleanup including PCBs, PFAS, oil, Asbestos Fines and more. For more information and tickets visit…

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I have asbestos in my home, should I be worried?

We are often asked variations on the following question: ‘I grew up in or live in a home built in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… and I’m worried that I may have been exposed to asbestos, what do you think I should do, should I be worried?’ Or, the flip-side of this, ‘I grew up in…

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Almost 50 percent of Australians are suffering from a chronic disease

The results of the latest National Health Survey reveal that almost 50 percent of Australians are suffering from a chronic disease, according to ABC News. Ben Harris, a health policy expert at Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute told 7:30, “That’s up from two in five just 10 years ago”. A third of chronic disease is preventable…

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Steeltoes & Stilettos event a huge success

ANZ Enviro is proud to have been a major sponsor of this event and we are thankful to all the tradies and models who participated and everyone who donated. We know that the funds raised are going to an excellent cause!

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Video interview on the topic of asbestos for inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event

Shaun from ANZ Enviro talks to Sandra from Savvy Creations on the topic of asbestos. ANZ Enviro is a naming sponsor for this years inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event taking place on the 9th March. To find out more information about the steeltoes and stilettos event check their Facebook page.…

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What is asbestos and how can I identify it?

Asbestos is the name for a group of naturally occurring silicate minerals which share a similar crystalline structure with extremely long, fine, silicate fibres which are prone to fracturing into smaller pieces. These minerals have been mined from the earth since ancient times and incorporated into other products due to their excellent properties of insulation…

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Trading Spaces

After months of planning we are excited to start kitting out our new head office in Malaga.

The whole staff has helped prepare for the move and put their ideas forward on the design of the new space. Furthermore our staff members have brought their considerable skills in constructing our new offices and storage racks.  

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ANZ Enviro for National Asbestos Awareness Week

You may have seen our Environmental and Operations manager Shaun on local news program Today Tonight last night! Shaun was featured on the program as an expert in Asbestos remediation and management and spoke to raise awareness of the hidden dangers of asbestos in home renovations. The segment has been put together by the team…

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